When Magic Happens, it leaves us mesmerized for a moment, days and sometimes for years. But when Magic & Comedy happens, it leaves us mesmerized forever!
Welcome to my world, I am Luke. I have been doing magic for the last 15 years and have made almost everybody laugh out loud and at the same time curious about my tricks. I was also featured as Australia Got Talent Magician in 2016 and made it to the Grand finale with the love and support of my dearest audience.
I am an entertainer and magic is my skill. I love to create new and thought-provoking magic tricks with a twist of humor. From kids to corporates, my journey has been fantastic but and inspire me to do more every day. I believe magic has no boundaries and can reach up to as many people as we can imagine. And here I am as a complete entertainer for you. You can visit my profile and check out the amazing videos that I have put up on my channel.
Magic is eternal & so is my passion for it! So, if you are looking for Magician for hire Australia, then you have dropped in the right place. I hope you will shower more love & support to me while I do all the preparation to keep you happy & surprised!