No matter what type of event you are organising, magic will always make it so much better. Although most magicians usually perform at kid's parties, you can hire one on corporate and special events as well.

It is safe to assume that everyone loves magic, but not if it was poorly performed. To avoid making your party awkward, here are some steps you can follow to make sure that you’re hiring the best magician:

1. Finalise your event details

Right before you hire a magician (or any other staff to your party), make sure to plan out your event well first. Doing so will help you determine what is lacking and how you can further improve the program. Like so, a magician would need to know the event details to help him plan out his performance as well.

Here are some necessary details that you should discuss:

  • Type and theme of the event

  • Date, time, and venue

  • Number of guests, also their age range and profession (if applicable)

  • Whether the guests will be sitting, standing, or roaming around the venue

  • In which part of the event will the magician perform

  • Other entertainment performances (if there is)

2. Look for magicians’ organisations

To make sure that you’re working with a professional, highly experienced, and highly skilled magician, you can consider booking one from known magicians organisations like the Australian Society of Magicians and Australian Institute of Magic.

3. Get to know about your potential hiree

Magicians all have different styles of performance, executions, and characteristics. If you’re planning a kid’s party, you would want a magician that has a charming personality. On the other hand, if you’re hiring one for a corporate event, you would want to hire a magician that knows how to communicate and entertain adult professionals.

To help you get the right magician that suits your event, here are some qualities that you should assess:


Hire a magician whose performance and style suits your type of event. Aside from that, you should also consider your type of guests, location venue, and theme of the event. Some magicians specialise in performing at kid's parties, and some of them perform at formal corporate events. In other words, hire a magician that suits the mood of your event.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong about working with rookie magicians. Although, the advantage of working with highly experienced entertainers is they know how to react and act on certain undesired situations like when a child cries or someone from the crowd is being disrespectful. Like so, an experienced magician would likely execute their performances in a perfect, magical way that your guests will love.

Entertainment Value

No matter how good a magician is, if they can’t get the attention of their audience, the performance would only get annoying and awkward for everybody. So, make sure to hire someone that understands the value of entertainment. Most magicians like to interact and build a fun relationship with their audience to make the performance much more enjoyable.

4. Discuss your expectations

If you think you’ve now got the right magician for your event, you must discuss your expectations from them as well. To avoid possible commotions or understanding, laid out information or acts that you would want to see. However, make sure that both parties agree with the terms and conditions.

5. Sign a contract

Finally, once you have discussed everything, make sure to sign a contract. In this way, you can protect the right of both parties and avoid issues. Some information that you can include in the agreement is their commission rate and the event and performance details.


Magic is one of the most adored classic forms of entertainment that everyone loves. Even though there’s now plenty of options to choose from to keep your guests entertained, many still prefer to see magic performances even on formal corporate events.

If you’re looking to hire a magician in Melbourne, you can contact me today, and I’ll help you throw a fun and entertaining party for your guests.

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Corporate events are held for various reasons. They are usually meant to train employees and equip them with up-to-date information, launch a product, or simply a means to get the entire team together to bond and establish a connection. While these events can be fun, event organisers often have a difficult time in making the corporate event memorable and exciting.

If you are one of those who are planning to hold a corporate event and are struggling to look for ways to entertain your attendees, then you may consider hiring a magician for your event. Whether you are conducting a product launch, seminar, conference, holiday party, or team building event, incorporating some spectacular magic performances into your activity is sure to lighten up the ambience of your event and allow your participants to fully relax and enjoy.

In this article, we will share with you three reasons you should hire a magician for your next corporate event:

1. Magic is a unique entertainment

Common forms of entertainment that are used for corporate events are band performances and dance numbers. However, these performances can easily get boring and predictable, especially if the singers or dancers are inexperienced in performing.

To spice up any corporate event, you may want to enchant your guests with magic performances. These one-of-a-kind shows add wonder, mystery, and intrigue to your activity and allow your corporate event to stand out, making it an unforgettable affair for the attendees.

2. A magician can draw participants together

Since most corporate events are work-related or mandatory, they can make the attendees feel uptight and uncomfortable. Moreover, some participants do not know each other, which may affect the overall mood of the event. By letting a magician showcase their expertise on sleight of hand and comedy, you can easily remove the bridge that divides your guests. Keep in mind that people are more likely to loosen up, laugh, communicate, and share their magical experience with one another with magical intrigue.

3. Magic performances leave your guests with a lasting impression

Magic shows can provide a personal experience to your employees and participants through interaction.

A magician has the ability to capture your guests’ attention and make them involved by making them part of their performances. Since people will want to talk about their experience, this can also be the best icebreaker of your event. They will be compelled to discuss the magic performance even when the event is over, giving them an experience that is hard to forget.


Magic is not just for kids; it is universal because it has the power to inspire. Adding amusing magic shows at your corporate events can keep your guests entertained, provide a collaborative experience to your employees, and make your event thrilling, valuable, and unforgettable.

Look beyond your common entertainment options and dare to do something different at your next corporate event. By hiring a professional magician, you are assured that you and your guests will witness only one-of-a-kind, fascinating, and impressive magic performances. Make sure that your magician knows how to entertain kids and adults alike.

Looking to hire a magician in Melbourne? If you are ready to turn your corporate event into a memorable affair, then you can turn to Luke the Magician. Contact me today for more information!

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