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Looking for a Melbourne Magician?

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A Melbourne magician is professional Melbourne based entertainer who comes to do and performs amazing feats of magic for Melbourne and Australian families. The term magician may also refer to a person who performs illusions of any kind, e.g., card tricks or sleight-of-hand and stage illusions in front of large audiences. A comedian might not always be considered for this type of work since they are most likely more focused on telling jokes than pulling rabbits out of hats—that's why magicians are hired for these types of events instead of in Australian society! As with all entertainment hires, including comedians, DJs, musicians, etc., it comes down to what your event needs and logistics, such as how many people will be attending. when it comes to hiring a magician in Melbourne, as with most things in life you get what you pay for.

Furthermore, due to their ability to use magic in specific ways during a show (such as making objects disappear), stage illusions have been popular around the world for centuries now. In fact, hiring magicians for birthday parties and special events is becoming more and more popular.

Melbourne's #1 Magician - Luke Hocking

Luke has performed over 2000 kids' parties and provides world-class entertainment with an amazing interactive comedy magic show best suited for ages 5 - 12 years. The show is packed with engaging and visual magic, and Luke comes to your house or party venue, minimal space is required. Each child gets a balloon animal after the show and the birthday child makes a real goldfish appear with ! This is a 60-minute package. Luke is a Melbourne based magician who travels to you to perform his amazing shows 

Hire Luke For Your Events in Melbourne

One of the most popular places in Australia is Melbourne. It's not surprising considering how many people live there! If you are planning on visiting this amazing city, don't forget to hire Luke Magician for your events there. He will be sure to amaze everyone at your event with his magical tricks and mind-reading abilities!

Luke- the master magician has performed at some great events in Melbourne and all over the country before. He's had the privilege of performing his shows for government officials, birthday parties, corporate executives, high school students, celebrities, and other amazing individuals too! No matter who you are or where you come from though; there is no doubt that having a magical journey with Luke making people disappear will be something they won't soon forget!

Hire Luke The Magician for Corporate Events

Luke- the magician tailors is a unique, high-energy performer who captivates audiences with his amazing shows . He brings an impressive background in stage performance to your event and will work closely with you to craft the perfect show for your audience. If you are looking for more information on hiring Luke Magician for corporate events please contact us today!

Make Your Next Promotional Event Amazing!

If you are looking for a unique and interesting way to make your next event amazing, then hiring Luke Magician as a corporate magician is the perfect option. He will work closely with you to plan out an unforgettable performance that suits your needs and lifestyle perfectly!

Give Your Event The Wow Factor!

Luke Magician offers high-energy world-class entertainment options for events of all kinds so finding something fun has never been easier. If you need help making sure everything goes smoothly at your upcoming event, consider utilizing his experience as a professional performer by contracting him as part of your party's entertainment line-up. You'll be amazed at how much he can improve your next event.

Roving Magic

Let Luke mingle amongst your guests performing jaw-dropping close-up magic and illusion. Roving Magic is a great addition to any event. Whether it's for a trade show, product launch, or a birthday party Luke has got you covered!

The best part is he can go from table to table and perform right in front of your guests as they enjoy their meals. He looks like just another guest with his casual attire but waits until the moment when one by one all eyes are on him as he amazes them with jaw-dropping close-up illusions that seem impossible at such short range...just inches away from your dinner tables, bars, and dance floors. A truly unique experience with featuring sleigh of hand magic up close.

Stage Magic

Luke is also available to perform larger stage magic and illusions for your guests. The illusion of levitation has been used since the time of Ancient Greece and is still considered one of the best illusions that can be performed.


Luke will make an assistant or volunteer appear as if they are floating in midair, which creates a jaw-dropping effect with any audience! Stage magic requires significantly more planning than close-up tricks due to lighting, sound, distance from spectators, etc., but it's well worth it when you see how amazed people become at these large-scale illusions! If this sounds like the type of entertainment you are looking for, be sure to contact Luke today!

Kids Birthday Parties

If you are looking for kids' birthday party entertainment, Luke is the preferred magician for any age group! He is an experienced magician who can perform incredible tricks both close-up and on stage. His illusion of levitation creates a jaw-dropping effect with any audience at birthday parties! When performing for children's events, he always makes sure that they have plenty of time to see the magic up close before moving off into the distance, so everyone gets a good view at some point during his show. With over ten years of experience in children's entertainment, it would be hard not to find something your guests will love at one of Luke's shows! If this sounds like the type of entertainment you are looking for, be sure to contact him today!

Comedy Is All Part Of The Act

Magic is only half of the show, with Luke’s engaging personality and quick wit sure to draw laughs galore from any crowd.

His shows are not scripted and audience members snap to life with on-the-spot jokes and situational humour designed to generate true interaction between performer and crowd. Additionally, Luke always customises his show on the fly – depending on his audience, their backgrounds, their responses and how the event unfolds.


Why Book Luke?


​When you book Luke for your event you are booking an experienced professional who knows how to entertain kids and adults alike. He offers the perfect combination of magic, audience interaction & comedy. A quality performance can only come from years of experience. Luke has performed at high end venues all over Melbourne including Crown Casino. Here are some of the things that separate Luke from the rest!

  • Luke has over 15 years experience in the business

  • Each performance is cool and fresh... different from old fashioned magic shows

  • The show is packed with humour, interaction and music

  • Each performance is tailored to the age of the audience including the adults. (Best suited for kids aged 5 - 12 years)

  • Everything is self contained and is best performed indoors

  • Luke will supply his own microphone if needed

  • Public liability insurance is included with every show 

  • With magic, the birthday child (or someone special) helps catch a real goldfish they get to keep (small fish tank and food provided)

  • He can perform some larger scale illusions if the venue and event allows

  • Luke regularly performs for adults at corporate events

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