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3 Factors to Watch out for When Hiring a Magician

In everyday life, there are some concepts that add that much-needed spark to any experience regardless of what’s being undertaken or what stage at living one may possibly be in.

From celebrating anniversaries to watching legend stories come to life, you may be familiar with how the elements of emotion, amazement, and excitement can improve life as a whole. While there may be many different ways to create this magical mixture of feelings, there’s one clear-cut approach that’s far less complex than any other: hiring a magician for your party.

Why magicians are a great investment

Regardless of whether you’re trying to spice a party up or come up with a new way to show your appreciation to someone, there’s no denying that a reliable magician is well worth investing in.

Thanks to their years of experience and dedication to their craft, these professionals can make any event more special and truly bring the best out of any celebration. Instead of solely hoping for magic to take place during your celebration, you can hire a magician to create it for you on the spot so that you can have a successful event.

What to consider when hiring a magician

With the number of practising professionals growing every single day, the many options add quite a bit of difficulty to the entire process when you’re trying to find the best hire. In this article, we will share three factors you should watch out for when hiring a magician:

1. Their experience

In the field of magic, just like any other profession or industry, the experience that a professional has is above all else because it teaches certain skills and fosters qualities that can’t be learned in a school alone.

While time spent in a magic school may definitely do wonders in terms of a performer’s ability, taking the stage and working with various crowds makes any magician capable of livening up any event. Certain skills, such as showmanship, finesse, engagement, and complete avoidance of mistakes are just some of the best qualities that professionals pick up over time!

2. The style that they have and the range of acts that come with it

When it comes to style, it’s also vital to know that magicians have their own particular field and specialised style that helps them stand out from other performers. While some acts specialise in death-defying magic tricks and others work with immersive experiences, there will always be a specific type of magician that caters to a specific set of tastes. Luke The Magician, for instance, specialises in sleight of hand magic tricks and comedy performances for corporate events and kid’s birthday parties!

3. The level of professionalism that they uphold Above all else, an undeniable level of professionalism is what anyone should look for when trying to hire a magician. Generally, the level of expertness can be best defined as the entire experience of working with a magician from start to finish. While there may be many ways to gauge the level of professionalism that a magician has, the best way to do it is to first determine the friendliness they have on the phone, check out online reviews, and see how prompt they are at work!


When pulled off correctly, hiring a magician can make your event exponentially better and help foster the sense of magic and electricity that many look for but can’t find. It is vital, however, to make sure that you’re hiring the right professional for the job, which can be done by keeping the three key factors mentioned above in mind! If you’re looking to hire a magician in Melbourne for your next event, there’s no need to worry because I’ve got you covered. Ask me how I can help make your next event much more special!

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