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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Magician

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Alcohol used to be a great way to introduce a form of informality or luxury to an event, ranging from selling a few bottles of beer to expensive wines and liquor. However, many people are becoming more conscious of their mental health and wellness, not just in a formal setting but also in casual gatherings. This means less alcohol on corporate and social events.

Thinking outside the box

The growing market for low-to-zero beverages is expected to reach greater heights leading into 2022. Sobriety is the new fashion trend that people are looking forward to by taking self-care of one’s mental health and fitness to a whole new level.

It’s a growing trend that reinforces various industries to think creatively about how they should engage with their employees and customers about planning extravagant events. One possible solution to provide both entertainment and wonder to an event is through hiring a magician.

In this article, we will share with you three reasons you should hire a magician for your next sober event:

1. Audiences are engaged with the performance

It’s great to have a performance live on-stage for many to see. However, this limits the experience into a spectacle to the audience instead of personal experience.

Close-up magic is a form used by many magicians that allows them to use compact yet astonishing feats of sleight-of-hand that can be performed up-close from small groups to large audiences. It’s an excellent addition to any sober event that’s great for both volunteers and spectators of the act.

2. Magicians are for all types of events and venues

The best thing about hiring a close-up magician is that you won’t have to spend too much on logistical equipment. Unlike hiring a costly performer like a band, you won’t have to worry about matching the right gear with the right venue. Close-up magicians can perform in any venue, making them perfect for sober events.

Close-up magic is performed at different types of events, mainly for cocktail parties. This is because the best time to engage with an audience is within the short window before they start drinking. As the drinks are passed around, a professional close-up magician will use this opportunity to make their audience comfortable in the performance space to witness magic with a clear mind.

3. Performances are memorable experiences

Magic has the most impact on an audience that can give its full attention. After all, what good is it to watch a spectacular magic trick if you can’t remember it the day after?

Close-up magic can give its audiences an entertaining performance that leaves them questioning about the complexity of the trick that they just witnessed. In a sober event, close-up magic works its charm without the need for alcohol to enhance the effectiveness of the performance.


Although it will take a while before people can get used to sober events, this doesn’t mean that occasions should be bland or boring. The key to bringing excitement to your event isn’t simply by providing wine and booze, but by providing them with a memorable experience that they can remember and share the next day.

If you’re looking for an expert magician to hire in Melbourne for your next sober event, I’ve got you covered. Get in touch with me today, and I’ll make sure to deliver magic and wonder to your special occasion!

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