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5 Reasons to Hire a Magician in Melbourne for Your Party

Magicians are entertaining in a way that never gets old. They help liven up a party by dazzling guests and leaving them with a sense of childlike wonder. These entertainers aren’t just good at tricks—they’re professionals that know how to capture your attention and keep you excited.

Parties of all sorts—weddings, birthdays, and even dinners—can be livened up with the services of a professional magician. How, you ask? Keep reading to find out why you should hire a magician in Melbourne:

1. They are well-rounded entertainers

When you hire a magician, you don’t need to worry about whether they can entertain your guests because that’s what they’re trained to do. Not everyone attending a party or an event expects to see a magic show. Dazzling them with a flawless sleight of hand is a great way to keep them entertained and even left inspired. Some magicians also require participation for their tricks, so you’ll be able to keep your audience engaged during the entire show.

2. They help lighten the mood

Some events, such as corporate seminars, often have an air of formality. When you bring magicians in, you’ll be easing the tension and formality of such gatherings. Their jaw-dropping tricks can be a way to break the ice or open up a conversation among guests. Besides bringing entertainment, their great performance can improve the impression your audience has about the entire event.

3. They can give a variety of performances

Professional magicians know how to do much more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. They’re versatile and skilful professionals with a broad set of skills. These talents allow them to adjust their performance based on your request, the type and age of the audience, and the objective of the event.

Different Kinds of Party Magicians

Magicians aren’t all alike and many specialise in a certain style. When hiring a party magician, you should know what kind of entertainment you want to give your audience. Here are some of the party magicians you’ll encounter:

  • Illusion magician - They create magic by asking people or animals to participate as they create their amazing stage tricks. Kids and adults will love this type of magic.

  • Close-up magician - Close-up magic is the trick that happens in small crowds or spaces. You’ll find close-up magicians performing at corporate gatherings, dinner parties, and weddings, often roaming the crowd and wowing small groups wherever they go.

  • Manipulation magician - Magicians who specialise in manipulation can make things or subjects appear, disappear, change, or double in number.

  • Mentalist - A mentalist reads the minds of the audience, hypnotise them, control their actions, and more. All these tricks happen inside your mind!

4. They are flexible

Magicians aim to entertain, so they won’t allow their card tricks to last an hour long. They respond to their audience’s reactions and adjust accordingly to keep their audience’s attention.

5. They encourage participation

Another great thing about magicians is that they never work alone. Sure, only they know about their magic, but some of their tricks require them to engage with their audience. They sometimes ask questions, borrow items from the audience, and break down barriers between guests. It’s a great way to spark participation in any sales discussions, meetings, or conferences.


If you’re looking for a different kind of entertainment for your party or event, a magician will not let you down. Magicians are highly-skilled individuals who know how to capture people’s attention and keep them entertained. They will make your party or event lively and unforgettable.

Looking for a Melbourne magician? I’ll be the party entertainment you are looking for. Book me now and make your party even more special!

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